Welcome to UMA de Rafael Valle and Sons

  Attracting swarms of migrating White-wing, Morning, and the abundant Collared Dove, our exclusive locations have plenty of shooting. Shooting that will have your barrel so hot it will melt!! Also within and around the area, the abundant amount of Gambel's and California Valley Quail are sure to excite even the most experienced and novice of hunters. Don't forget, the main attraction to the Mexicali Valley is the richly known worldwide experience in extremely gamely Pheasant hunting. Both Gambles and Pheasants are a hard to drive species that create a challenge to outwit the game.

Rafael Valle & Sons insure your hunt with some of the best and most private of ranches. This avoids the presence of other hunters and guarantees that your hunt will be uncrowded, offering you a safe and wonderful time. We also provide Duck hunting in propane-heated blinds (weather permitting), and transportation to and from your blind is done via airboat allowing your feet from ever getting wet!!! With our eight-month long over lapping seasons you are presented with many mixed bag opportunities.

Rafael Valle & Sons is the most reputable hunting outfitting agency having served Baja California with over 40 years experience, and having served thousands of hunters, (most of which have been with us since our beginning). Our staff logs hundreds of miles scouting our fields, prior to and during the hunting season to ensure a successful hunt every time. Our record is second to none. Generous possession limits in Baja California, available and comfortable accommodations, great food and excellent hunting make this a "must" adventure. You can bring your family, your dogs, and your guns!! Our staff provides for you the services to handle all of your necessary paperwork (gun permits, licenses, and visa's etc.), to send you out and into our fields with our trained English speaking staff. Hunting here with Rafael Valle and Sons, we are always available to you.

We produce some of the best Wing-shooting and Waterfowl hunting this side of the Mexican border. We have been written up in numerous sports magazines including Field & Stream and The Bird Hunting Report for "...Our don't miss it opportunity for savvy Wing-shooters."

Rafael Valle & Sons goal is to provide you and your compadres with an enjoyable and memorable hunting experience every time!!! So take a short trip across the border and discover with us bird hunting that will satisfy even the most seasoned Wing-shooter without spending a lot of time and money reaching your destination!!

Please feel free to contact us about your individual needs and plans, and to book your hunt/hunts. We offer single and multiple day hunts as well as an exclusive membership package in and around the Mexicali area. Contact us for information. We are looking forward to hunting with you soon.

- Rafael Valle

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What types of vehicles are used to transport hunters?

    We have Pick-ups: Dodge ram, Toyota Tacoma 4x4, and Chevy Suburban.

  • What is the weather temperature during the hunting season?

    The range temperatures are from 70o to 80o during the day. We recommend the hunters to use lightweight pants and short-sleeved shirts during the first part of the season, which can be very warm. Most of the hunters like to wear shorts during dove hunts. Always dress appropriately for the field.

  • Can I bring guns and ammo into Mexico?

    Yes, 2 shotguns per hunter, but you must have a Mexican Military Authorities’ Gun Permit to transport guns. In addition, you are allowed to bring 100 rounds per shotgun caliber per month. Beware of crossing shells illegally. This is punished with jail. We can make arrangements to purchase extra ammo if needed.

  • What do I need to bring my hunting dog to Mexico?

    Make sure you have the documentation of all vaccines. The Mexican Authorities are not concerned with the importation of dogs.

  • Why do you lodge the hunters in hotels?

    So that our clients enjoy the serviceability that our local hotels offer such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, sport facilities, and access to internet, just to mention some. Also you can enjoy the many varieties of restaurants Mexicali has to offer.

  • Can I take the birds that I hunt in Mexico back to the USA?

    Yes, as long as you have the Mexican Cintillo (species permit) when crossing back into the U.S you must fill out a game declaration form authorizing you to import them for personal use.

  • Am I in any danger in Mexico?

    No. We have never had any issues with any of our clients ever having any problems while hunting with our service in Mexico. You are issued a military gun permit by us and its re-checked at the border before entry to ensure proper gun identification. We work hard at making your time here safe and fun..